Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Falling for a Santini (The Santinis #7) by Melissa Schroeder

A crush that turned into love.

Being the only girl in a family with five Santini brothers was never easy on Elena Santini. She always tried to be faster and smarter to make sure they always took her seriously. They were always trying to tell her what to do, and worse, who she could date. That’s why falling for her oldest brother’s best friend wasn’t smart especially when he treats her like a sister. That is, until she gets him alone in her apartment one night.

One night in Heaven. 

NCIS agent Jethro Thomas, known to everyone as JT, has always played it smart. When his admiration turned to attraction a few years ago, he started avoiding Elena. A guy wasn’t supposed to have those kinds of thoughts about his best friend’s little sister. After returning from an undercover assignment, and about to go on another one, he can’t seem to resist the temptation. One night with her and he knows he’s lost, but he has a job to do.

A changed man.

JT returns from the assignment with a few more scars, both physical and emotional–but he survived for one reason. He’s ready to start a new life with Elena, but a dark cloud hangs over the new love. When small incidents evolve into near death accidents, JT realizes someone from his past is ready to destroy his happiness, even harm Elena to make him pay.

My review:
The Santini’s are a big raucous close knit family most of whom are honored to serve in the US armed forces.  Even the only girl, Elena, is a Marine piolet.  Elena has crushed on her big brothers best friend JT since she was twelve.  She isn’t twelve anymore and JT is quickly finding that out.  Once the clothes come off he can never go back.  He needs Elena like his next breath even if it means falling out of favor with his best bud and the family that saved him from himself. 
This is the 7th in the series (and may just be the hottest yet) but it can be read stand-alone. The author gives you enough background on what has happened previously without it seeming like you are re-reading the other books and so you know the relationships.  Falling for a Santini is a wonderfully sweet and sexy read.  It starts out hot and as Elena & JT fall deeper for each other it gets hotter.  And for comic relief you have her brothers.

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