Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wolf At Law by Heather Long

Long before Mason left Willow Bend, Ryan met his mate and brought her home...this is the prequel to the Wolves of Willow Bend and the story of Ryan and Tiffany.

Ryan Huston serves the pack in all their public financial dealings. Connected politically and personally, he possesses a unique ability to segue into and out of human life. He’s never been afraid to use his animal’s dominance to his advantage and, though he and Toman—the Alpha of Willow Bend—are often at odds, his loyalty to the pack has never truly been tested. Not until he meets Tiffany.

Tiffany Anderson grew up hard in a world defined by its uncertainties. Meeting Giles Taglioni seemed like a happy accident turned fairy tale. Five years into the abusive marriage, Tiffany wants out. Tiffany knows Taglioni will never let go of his daughter—he’d kill her before he lets her take Alexis away from him. A desperate woman with no options until a chance encounter changes everything.

Ryan is like no one Tiffany’s ever met, but she doesn’t dare believe him when he offers to help her. Long ago made familiar with the monsters in the dark, she doesn’t dream of princes on white horses sweeping her away. She also never imagined a big, bad wolf was exactly what she needed.

My review:

This is a prequel of sorts and can be read stand alone. This book explains the back history of one of the most enigmatic secondary characters of the Wolves of Willow Bend and the story of Ryan and Tiffany and how he came to be the father of Alexis who we met in the first book Wolf Bite.  If you’ve not read this series I’d start with this and then go on to devour the rest. 
Heather long brings to life some of the most incredible characters on the page.  These are folks that you would love to meet and hang out with or maybe just drool over and yet none of them are “perfect”. They each have flaws whether personality, physical, or circumstance but by the end of each book you feel like you know them or want to know them better. Ryan was already in an established relationship when we first met him in Wolf Bite and you just had to love him in Caged Wolf so I really wasn’t expecting his story but I am so glad we got it.  This story fills in the backstory of each of the books to date and after having read it I am sure it sets up Margo’s story coming up in Rogue Wolf.  If you like strong, smart, honorable types who care and protect without smothering (for the most part) you will love this series and this book.

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