Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Eskimo Slugger by Brad Boney and Brad Boney giveaway

Thanks to my friend Betty I was introduced to the works of Brad Boney.  I've read and really enjoyed these three interconnected books and am happy to share them with you.  These are m/m romance so if you aren't into that don't enter.  If you've never read m/m romance you couldn't do better than these.

My favorite cover

It’s the summer of 1983, and Trent Days is Major League Baseball’s rookie sensation. Born in Alaska to an Inupiat mother, the press have dubbed him the Eskimo Slugger, but a midseason collision at home plate temporarily halts his meteoric rise to the top.

Sent back to Austin to recuperate, Trent visits his favorite record store, Inner Sanctum, where he meets amiable law student Brendan Baxter. A skip in the vinyl of New Order’s “Blue Monday” drives Trent back to Brendan, and their romance takes them into uncharted territory.

As Trent’s feelings move from casual to serious, he’s faced with an impossible dilemma. Does he abandon any hope of a future with Brendan and return to the shadows and secrets of professional sports? Or does he embrace the possibility of real love and leave baseball behind him forever? As he struggles with his decision, Trent embarks on a journey of self-discovery—to figure out who he really is and what matters most.

My review:
Please read The Nothingness of Ben AND The Return before reading this book. 
If you’ve read The Return you go into this book knowing how it ends.  But even so it is well worth the read.  Just knowing the end doesn’t diminish the journey. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much if I hadn’t read the two previous books.  This book left me sad and happy at the same time.  I loved the story and the characters even if they did leave me in the intellectual dust at times.  This story like any great tale left me thinking and that makes it all worthwhile.

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