Friday, November 14, 2014

Elusive Hero by Joey W. Hill

Vampires drink blood, they’re superior to humans, and they’re sexual Dominants. Every vampire knows those truths. A vampire’s human servant is property, plaything, pawn--and the only living being a vampire can trust. Though she may own him, body, heart and soul, a human servant keeps a vampire from feeling alone in her dangerous, political world. But Kaela has a secret. She’s a vampire with a burning need to submit, to belong to a Master, and definitely not a vampire Master, who will use the advantage for political or emotional domination. But what kind of human male will consent to becoming a vampire’s servant, a 300 year life of utter servitude, to be her Master behind closed doors? An invitation to Eden offers her the chance to discover her elusive hero…and indulge the bliss of surrender.
Elusive Hero is part of the Invitation to Eden series and a book of the Vampire Queen series.

My review:
Elusive Hero will take you on an intimate sensual adventure.  It asks if a born submissive can perform like a dominant outside of the bedroom.  The answer is yes.  Lady Kaela is a made vampire who was born a natural service submissive but to survive in her new life as a vampire she has had act like a dominant for her safety and those she has charge of.  It’s worked for 175 years.  But it has taken its toll.  When the opportunity to explore her submissive fantasies arises can she indulge? More importantly will she be able to give it up when it is over? 
Garron Rand has been through hell on earth and has the scars to prove it.  He has healed while working on Eden Island and has become one of their best professional Dominants. When he hears of Kaela’s predicament he is intrigued and volunteers to help her rediscover her submissive side. 
90 percent of this book is interaction between only Garron & Kaela.  There is a lot of mind play as well as some kinky release.  But it isn’t until they interact with others that the real question of the book comes into play.  Can Master Garron be a Master in the bedroom but a servant out of it? Will Kaela be able to protect him? Should they even try?
Once again Joey W. Hill takes you places you never thought you would go and makes you enjoy the ride.  Though this takes place in the world of the Vampire Queen series it can be read standalone.  Although if you really want to know what Kaela and Garron are up against you should really read this series.

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Joey W. Hill said...

Donna, thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I'm so happy you loved Garron and Kaela's story!