Saturday, November 15, 2014

Horse (The Bloody Bucket #1) by Tilly Greene

While living in Ireland farming peat, Jack Murphy knew there was no way he’d follow the time honored tradition for second sons to dedicate themselves to the church. He liked women too much, so with the blessing of his parents, he left for a new life in America. New York City held his attention for a couple years but he grew tired of the violent side of life he took on and boarded a train south and west to Cowler Texas. His first night in town he finds himself sitting at a poker table with the saloon in the pot. No way did he think he’d win, but if he did, well, it was worth a chance.

After gaining the name Horse, two gun fights and a sexy woman wearing spectacles collide, he finds the life he always wanted.

My review:
This is one hot historical. It has been a while since I’ve read a western historical but I really got a kick out of Horse.  It reads like an hour long episode of a television western (with a bit more sex). That is both what I liked and didn’t like about the book.  I liked the characters and the fact that it was fast paced with some snappy dialogue. But it really felt too short. I feel like there should be a commercial for coming attractions.  Overall this is a fun read and I hope we can revisit Cowler, TX in the future.

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