Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shifted Plans (ROAR) by Brandy Walker

Avery Hillman has one year of college left. Once it’s over, she has plans. BIG plans. A job managing her family’s medical practice, an apartment of her own, and a new life where she’s the one in charge. No hovering family, no annoying siblings, and no mate to distract her.

Declan Weller is about to cross one more thing off his ten-year plan. One more class and he can transfer to the sheriff’s job and new life waiting for him. He isn’t looking for his mate and, as far as he’s concerned, finding her can wait another two years.

The Fates have a plan of their own. One that includes throwing Avery and Declan together. It’s high time those two found each other and learn the most important thing of all…. Sometimes, plans need to shift.

My review:
I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I love reading shifter stories but sometimes the authors get lazy with the biologic imperative of mating and use it to explain away some really crappy behavior.  Not so in this book.  The author acknowledges the mating heat but calls out the crappy behavior when warranted.  I like that the students are seniors and have a chance to get through the mating heat and still succeed with their ambitions.  Avery is strong and soft at the same time.  She knows who she is and what she wants but is plagued with the same insecurities any young woman has.

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