Thursday, October 9, 2014

Red Hots by Yvette Hines

Masaun Hawkes is a driven man, a go-getter who has always enjoyed spicy/sweet candy and fiery women. Five years ago, his life was moving in the fast lane and he needed a change. Deciding to go into business with his younger brother, his life has become more manageable and stable. Co-owner of Decadent Treats by day and a full-time Dom and trainer at night, he should have everything he needs. Almost. Evenings at The Dollhouse dungeon have become emptier as he finds himself instructing new submissives, none his own. However, things are starting to look up when he delivers a special candy bouquet to the most captivating and tenacious woman. Masaun has never played second fiddle to anything in his life and he refuses to let Kindle put their relationship in that place-out of fear. Kindle Langston's life is anything but poetic. As the leading Assistant Commonwealth Attorney with too many high profile cases on her desk, she can't even manage the time to fantasize about letting it all go. Stress and free are not two words that go together in her book, but each trial is pushing her closer to the edge. The day a basketful of treats is delivered by the sexiest and most compelling man, "Dom Hawk," with a note commanding her into a clandestine world. And things begin to change. Is the life of a submissive what she has been craving? Can she risk allowing such decadent desires to be fulfilled? The risk seems too great to give in. For the first time in their lives can they both fully commit for love?

My review:
I met Yvette Hines at a reader con.  I had never heard of her before. She was incredibly giving of her time and insight.  When I received a copy of Red Hots I intended to go right home and read it.  Life and other commitments pushed it down my TBR.  I finally got to it and am so glad I did. 
Red Hots is an incredibly sensuous erotic romance.  It tells of Kindle Langston, a smart, driven woman who gives everything to her job.  She needs balance in her life but seems unable to find it.  Her best friend is in a 24/7 D/s relationship so she isn’t unaware of the lifestyle but she really doesn’t get it until she meets Masaun Hawkes aka “Dom Hawk”.  He shows her that he can help her find a balance when she lets go and gives him control even if for just a little while. 
I liked that Masaun has been where Kindle is now.  He too had the driven, high profile, successful career that brought him no joy.  Now he is still successful (maybe not making as much) but he has made changes in his life that make him much more at peace until of course he meets Kindle.  I’ve met more than one Kindle in my life and am so very glad that this Kindle found Masaun. 
The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the cover.  I think it sad that the characters on the cover have absolutely no resemblance to the characters in the story.

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