Friday, October 17, 2014

Deconstructing Lila by Shannon Leigh

She’ll bring him to his knees…
Preservationist Lila Gentry returns to her small Texas hometown to restore the famous Chisholm Trail whorehouse where her great-great-grandmother was a madam in the 1880s. On her agenda is winning back Jake, the one that got away. But how do you rope a man who doesn't want to be wrangled?
Jake lives by one creed: Keep it simple. His ex showing up in town complicates his life and makes him think about things he'd rather forget.
When Lila's restoration project is threatened before it even begins, she turns to Jake for help. Working together stirs up old feelings, but while Lila and Jake always sizzle between the sheets—or wherever the moment takes them—it will involve some sweet-talking and finesse to bring these two together.

Why’d she have to come home? Just when he’d stopped thinking of her every minute of every day, she’d walked back into his life, resurrecting painful memories. Physical needs. Making him agonizingly aware of what he’d given up, then and now. And goddammit, did he want it all back with a fury he didn’t expect.

My review:
On the one hand this is a western contemporary romance but simultaneously there it tells a story of the heroines great-great-grandmother, a madam in the house that Lila is determined to save while at the same time saving her marriage.  
I loved Lila a woman who has worked to get her life together and is determined to get what she wants and needs from it.  I adored her Granny and the Bombshells. But I wasn’t so thrilled with Jake the hero of this story.  Jake assumes he knows what is best and thinks he was being heroic by pushing Lila from his life under the assumption better to hurt her now than later.  Even so, this second chance romance has a lot to recommend it. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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