Friday, October 31, 2014

Demon Storm (Belador #5) by Dianna Love

LOVE this cover.

In the fifth book of this bestselling paranormal series, Evalle faces her greatest nightmare - losing Storm - and without his help the Beladors will fall to an enemy they have fought for centuries.
*Includes DEADLY FIXATION bonus short story from the Belador world.

With Treoir Island in shambles after a Medb attack that left the survival of the missing Belador warrior queen in question and Belador powers compromised, the Beladors have one hope for their queen's return and their own future: Evalle Kincaid, whose recent transformation has turned her into an even more formidable warrior. First Evalle has to locate Storm, the Skinwalker she's bonded with who she believes can find the Belador queen, but Storm stalks the witch doctor threatening Evalle's life. The hunter becomes the hunted, and Evalle must face her greatest nightmare to save Storm and the Beladors-or watch the future of mankind fall to deadly preternatural predators...

My review:
There is so much action in this book I feel like I’ve burned calories just reading it.  This is the 5th book in the series, so far. I recommend reading the first 4 before tackling this installment.  It will be a much better experience.   
Evalle and the gang are back and there is no rest for anyone.  There is almost too much going on. The Beladors are mourning their losses from the attack on Treoir Island, Brina and Lanna have gone missing, and Evalle has to find Storm so he can track them.  And now the Medb are doing the Beladors job killing demons.  WTH? 
This is a transition book.  Not only is it solely written by the fabulous Dianna Love but I believe that this book leads into a new story arc.  Meaning there are more adventures to come.  Poor Evalle can’t catch a breath.

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Dianna Love said...

Thank you for the really fun review, Donna!! And for this terrific blog. I'M so tickled you enjoyed DEMON STORM. Now, I need to get back to WITCHLOCK. :) thanks bunches!!