Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Generation 18 (Spook Squad #2) by Keri Arthur


A serial killer strikes every twelve hours. A vampire takes lives at random. At first glance, these tragic incidents seem unrelated. But Special Investigations Unit agents Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern trace them both back to a military base known as Hopeworth. Is the murder spree part of a cover-up? And are the vampire killings less by chance and more methodical?

The investigation takes an eerie, personal turn when Sam discovers a connection between herself and the victims—and a clue to her own mysterious origins. With the violence escalating and the danger drawing closer to home, the stakes are raised and the mission changes from seeking justice to ensuring Sam and Gabriel’s own survival. And the one person who seems to hold all the answers—about Hopeworth, about Sam’s past—is a mystery man she isn’t sure she can trust. They share a psychic link through her dreams, and he once saved her life, but he may just be the greatest enemy humankind has ever known.

My review:
This is a re-release of one of the first series I’d read by Keri Arthur.

I love this series!  Special Investigations Unit agents Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern are back.  All is not well with their partnership.  Sam is a good cop being held back by Gabriel’s fear of losing another partner.  Even so they stumble on connected cases and are beginning to find out some frightening things about Sam’s past.  Action, adventure, and mystery, another terrific read from Keri Arthur.

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