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On the Growl (A Shifter Romance Anthology) by Celia Kyle, Lynn Red, Jessica Sims, Flora Dare and Marina Maddix

On the Growl (A Shifter Romance Anthology) by Celia Kyle, Lynn Red, Jessica Sims, Flora Dare and Marina Maddix 

From a pack of your favorite NYT and USAT best-selling paranormal romance authors comes a collection of ALL NEW novellas that will make you howl, scratch and bite... and leave you roaring for more!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. No surprise there, right? Passionate, wild, hungry, dripping, salty, sweaty, steamy; falling in love is the best thing in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bunny with curves, a brand new werewolf without much clue what’s happening, a feisty wolverine shifter, a fun-loving house cat or a were-tigress with a short temper for obnoxious men, there’s a big, protective, incredible alpha for everyone... or in some cases, two of them!

Except... sometimes, it gets complicated. Mysterious and magical resorts, dangerous rogue wolves, dentists that get just a little too excited and start growing hair in funny places, a couple of bears who might be terrorists, and a tiger with a bad attitude?
Gulp. Things could get REAL complicated.

In places where the only rules are Pack rules; in towns where shifters and witch doctors rub shoulders; on exotic vacations where only eagles dare, and on planes where a wolverine shifter is sandwiched between two of the sexiest bears she’s ever imagined, you’ll never have more fun, or get more steamy, seductive, incredible paranormal romance in ONE PLACE at ONE LOW PRICE.

From our pack to yours, enjoy these incredible novellas, and keep howling for the moon!

* Waking Up Were by Celia Kyle *
What’s a gal to do when a dog bite isn’t a dog bite and her boss makes her want to howl at the moon? Keep him.

* Bear Your Teeth by Lynn Red *
A slightly clutzy rabbit-shifter and a big, bad bear of a dentist will take you along on a steamy, hilarious ride you’ll never forget!

* Tiger by the Tail by Jessica Sims *
Were-tiger Adrian Merino is determined to see the newest shifter on the block, Mandy, become his mate. But it's got to be her idea first...

* Bears Repeating by Flora Dare *
It takes double the werebears to handle one cranky wolverine in this menage romance.

* To Screech His Own by Marina Maddix *
It may be against the rules, but when a hot eagle shifter lands at an exclusive resort, one employee really wants to ruffle his feathers. What’s a curvy kitty to do?

My Review:
I bought this set because Celia Kyle and Jessica Sims are on my auto buy lists for shifters and for this price it would have been worth it for just those two.  That the other stories rocked was just an added benny.

Waking Up Were by Celia Kyle – There is a whole world out there that Brenna isn’t aware of despite the fact that her boss (who she has lusted after for 2 years) and her best friend are werewolves.  It is a rude awakening when she is bitten by a rogue and ends up turning.  Now her boss has to convince her she really isn’t going insane and that she is his mate.  Oh and they have to find the rogue before he bites anybody else. This book has all the heat and humor you expect from Celia Kyle.

Bear Your Teeth by Lynn Red – I have visited the crazy world of Lynn Red’s Jamesburg shifters before and have always laughed myself silly at the antics of her absurd shifters.  This story of a bunny and a bear shifter is no different. * The Jamesburg Shifters are a series of standalone novels that can be enjoyed in any order you like. No cliffhangers here!

Tiger by the Tail by Jessica Sims – This story takes place in the Midnight Liaisons world but can be read stand-alone.  Like Waking Up Were this is a story of a young woman who was bitten against her will.  She is not dealing with the change very well until she meets a tiger who is willing to listen and help her work through her issues.  If they fall for each other along the way so much the better. 

Bears Repeating by Flora Dare – Shifter, ménage, suspense and romance.  I’ve not read any of Ms. Dares other work but this story was a roller coaster ride of intrigue and heat.

To Screech His Own by Marina Maddix – I don’t know what to think about this story.  It could have been an episode of Fantasy Island.  The only thing missing was a lizard shifter as Tatoo.  Even the boss was named Mr. Roarke.  True he didn’t look like Ricardo Montalban and he wears khakis and Hawaiian shirts instead of a white suit but still.  The story was fun but I kept expecting some idiot to say “boss, the plane, the plane…”.

*swiped from Lynn Red’s Goodreads description of the Jamesburg Shifters

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