Saturday, July 12, 2014

To Marry a Scottish Laird (An English Bride In Scotland #2) by Lynsay Sands

Highlander Campbell Sinclair is no stranger to battle, so when he sees a lad attacked by bandits, he jumps into the fray. He didn't count on being stabbed. Grateful to the boy for nursing him back to health, Cam offers to accompany Jo safely to his destination. But when he accidentally comes across the lad bathing in the river, Cam discovers that Jo is actually Joan...with the most sinful of curves.

Joan promised her mother that she would deliver a scroll to the clan MacKay. But traveling alone is dangerous, even disguised as a boy. When a Scottish warrior lends his aid, she is more than relieved...until he surprises her with lingering kisses and caresses that prove her disguise hasn't fooled him. As their passion ignites, will the secrets of the scroll force a wedding...and lead to a love she's never known?

My review:
This book takes place 20 years after An English Bride In Scotland (An English Bride In Scotland #1)and can be read as a stand-alone.  And while I enjoyed this book it did lack some of Ms. Sands trademark humor.  I recommend her historical novels to my friends as hysterical.  This one doesn’t quite qualify as that.  That being said… this is a rather sweet tale of a young woman left in dire circumstances meeting her slightly tarnished Scotts savior in a kilt.  If you enjoy the occasional historical novel, as I do, then you may want to give this a quick read.

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