Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grace Under Pressure by Melissa Schroeder

Excitement, danger, and falling for the man of her dreams all have Grace Under Pressure. College professor Grace Michaels has enough on her plate with her research, her ex-fianc showing up in town, her parents parking their RV in front of her house, and her attempt to entice her sexy neighbor, new sheriff, Ren Morello, into having an affair, when someone breaks into her house and office. Ren wants nothing to do with Grace. So what if she looks like a pinup girl from the 50s or that every time shes in his vicinity, he sports a hard-on? She is a woman who would demand commitment and after his nasty divorce from his cheating ex-wife, Ren wants nothing to do with marriage. All he wants is hard fast sex. The problem is, the only woman he can picture it with is Grace. When the threats to Grace turn almost deadly, Ren finds himself in her company more often than not, and keeping his hands off her becomes impossible. But as the danger grows closer, the attraction grows deeper, and Grace must choose between protecting her heart or her life. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language.

My review:
This is a re-release of Melissa Schroeder’s first book.  This is a sweet, funny, sexy contemporary romance.  Grace is a slightly clumsy college professor with a heart of gold living and working in a small Texas town. Ren Morello is the hunky new sheriff who moves in across the street.  He is recently divorced and wants to keep any and all interactions with the female set no strings.  Grace was cheated on by her ex fiancĂ© but is still the settling down kind and thus not for Ren no matter how sexy he finds her.  I adored Grace and got almost as big a kick out of the secondary characters as I did Ren & Grace.  Another winner from the pen of Melissa Schroeder.

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