Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Major Distraction (Good to Go #3) by Marie Harte

Major Brad Cava has watched his siblings fall in love. He tried marriage once—it didn’t take. He’s not looking for love, just some fun with women who know the score. He’s been in a dry spell for a while, which must be why that smart-aleck at work, Ms. Genevieve St. James, is looking so good. Granted, she’s just his type. She has long, wine-red hair, knockout curves in all the right places, killer green eyes and a brain to go with the body. But she sets his teeth on edge with all her professional dictates and attitude at the office.

Genevieve has no idea why Major Annoying, as she likes to call the sexy Major Cava, is always on her mind. When she inadvertently catches her new mystery neighbor pleasuring himself, she automatically thinks of Cava. To her mortification, she finds out Major Hottie and her exhibitionist neighbor are one and the same. Before long, she’s learning there’s much more to Brad than an amazing body, charming wit, and dictatorial tendency at work.

They find themselves falling hard for each other. Until something strange happens at work, and Genevieve is blamed for things she didn’t do. Brad doesn’t seem to trust her, and she has to wonder if the love she’s beginning to feel is one-sided. When the truth comes out, Brad has to has to figure out if he can risk it all again for a woman. Has he learned from his past, or is he doomed to make the same mistakes again with a woman he can’t help loving?

My review:
We met Brad briefly in A Major Seduction (Good to Go #2) as Olivia and Mike’s smart aleck brother.   He has a failed marriage under his belt and has a hard time trusting women and himself when it comes to matters of the heart so he has been dealing by not getting involved beyond friends with benefits.  Now the HOT PITA from work is his new next door neighbor.  Genevieve is smart, self-aware and on the fast track as a civilian contractor.  She is not going to mess that up no matter how sexy Major Annoying is.  These two are perfect for each other.  She takes no crap and they are both sexually adventurous.  This book will leave you with a tan.   

Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review

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