Thursday, July 10, 2014

Behind the Curtain (Soulgirls #5) by Heather Long


May the best hero win…

Soulgirls, Book 5

The Amazon librarian Jaimela serves in the Midnight Mystery Lounge as a dancer, distant and cool even to the best of her sisters. Until the exodus of Anthony and Roseâtre stirs her sleeping mind, sending her on the hunt for knowledge which first drove her to the Arcana Royale.

But that thirst only comes in daylight. Her nights are spent in trapped service to the whim of the stage. Until the warrior arrives.

Dimitri Abraxas, who serves at the pleasure of the Goddess Demeter, is on a quest to find Prometheus’s flame. He will leave no earthly stone unturned to decipher clues as to its location, for the world needs it more than ever.

One look at Jaimela and he knows the answer is within reach…but the sphinx harbors more than one secret. To awaken it, he must rouse the Amazon who would take the prize for her own. But unless they can put aside their differences and combine their quests, they will lose to the greatest foe of all…the Arcana Royale.

Warning: This book includes Greek gods, heroes, trials, myths come to life and a passion that cannot be denied…power, passion, and persistence, oh my!

My review:

This series is unlike anything else I’ve read and damn it is fun. This story has it all - romance, mystery, magic, fun, sorrow and a little bit of sex thrown in for good measure. If you are looking for escape this is a wonderful series to take you away.  If you like your heroes alpha, smart and sexy and the heroine as smart and snarky you are going to love this.  This is in my not so humble opinion the best of the series so far. 

Note to the author you can’t stop till we find out more about Heidi & Connor.

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