Thursday, August 22, 2013

Written in the Stars by Sherill Bodine & Patricia Rosemoor

I am not usually a big fan of books that bounce back and forth through time.  This book did it in a way that was more palatable than most.  This is a story of love across time.  In 1601 Lady Elizabeth York writes her story in a journal that will end up in the hands of present-day marine archeologist Cordelia Ward.  Cordelia reads that Elizabeth has the same birthmark as she does.  In her day it proclaimed her as a woman of magic.  Present day Cordelia has a touch of telekinesis.  Due to the jealousy and power hunger of her betrothed Elizabeth lost her true love but swore they would be together one day.  Is today that day?  Cordelia has choices to make as well could she be the one to end the curse and bring Elizabeth and her true loves souls together again?  Romance with a twist that once I got started I had to finish. 

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review by Entangled Publishing

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