Friday, August 2, 2013

Four m/m romances not to miss.

Love, Delivered by Cassandra Gold 
Short, sweet contemporary m/m romance.  Mark is a sweet shy secretary for a high powered lawyer.  Tim is the hot new delivery guy.  Even though this is a short story things develop over time and you don’t feel as though it is rushed.  Grab a glass of wine, a chocolate cookie and enjoy.

Bloodlines (KinKaid Wolf Pack #1) by Jessica Lee
m/m paranormal romance.  I read this one out of order.  I’d read Make Me (KinKaid Wolf Pack, #2) & Heat Rising (KinKaid Wolf Pack, #3) first so I knew going in how this story ended.  What I didn't know was how they got there and I wasn't really prepared. 
Evin is the alpha’s son and heir and gay.  Dad is in denial and wants to force Evin to mate with a female.  When he refuses he is dis-owned and banished.  Mason is son and heir to a business tycoon and gay.  His dad too is in denial and less than understanding.  When Evin and Mason meet the attraction is combustible.  When an accident forces them both to make choices it is all you can do to hope they make the right ones for the right reasons. 

Male Seeking Male by Kathleen Lee
Short, sweet contemporary m/m romance.  Greg is a bi-sexual who has never had a m/m sexual relationship. When his best friend and roommate puts an ad in the local paper he gets more than he could have hoped for.  Jack is gay and single and lives across the hall.  When he discovers that Greg is looking for someone to introduce him to the pleasures of male loving he offers his services.  As they grow closer they have to decide what they want and from whom. 

I just loved this story!  This is an incredibly sweet tale.  I absolutely adored sexy sweet Jack and could totally believe Greg.  I totally recommend.  

The Trouble With Trouble by Kathleen Lee
Short, contemporary m/m romance.  Gary is a nice guy who just wants to be loved.  He was rejected by his family for being gay and the guys he has gone for in the past weren't in it for the long haul so when Brock comes into his bar Gary just knows he is Trouble.  Brock too knows the pain of being rejected by his parents for being gay but he also knows a good thing when he sees it.  He likes what he has seen of Gary and if he could only get him to trust in them they could be happy together.

Another sweet m/m romance from Kathleen Lee.  This story was almost too short.  I really liked these guys and would've loved the chance to get to know them better.  But what I did get to know I liked.  I usually have a problem with angsty characters it doesn't take much to turn it into whining which I hate but Ms. Lee manages to avoid that pitfall and your heart just about breaks for these guys which only makes it better in the end.

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