Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The MacKenzie Brothers by Liliana Hart

The first four MacKenzie Brothers stories by Liliana Hart Dane, Thomas, Riley and Cooper are what I call quick lunch reads.  Short hot stories to get you through the rest of the day.  No brain strain just a quick hot read.  All I want for Christmas has two stories but only one is a MacKenzie Brothers story.  It introduces us to the MacKenzie cousins Grant, Cade (who we met in Cooper), Declan, Shane and Darcy.

Dane (The MacKenzie Brothers #1) – Dade returns to Surrender after 10 years to find that the girl he left behind is back and the spark is still there.
Thomas (The MacKenzie Brothers #2) – Dr. Thomas ends up with a cat-burglar crashing into his fence and his heart.
Riley (The MacKenzie Brothers #3) – Archeology professor Riley is asked to identify an artifact but he knows trouble when he sees it and Maggie is trouble of the best kind.
Cooper (The MacKenzie Brothers #4) – Sheriff Cooper  MacKenzie has issues.  He likes his sex rough and doesn’t believe that love is possible for him.  He claims not to want or need it.  Town librarian Claire has been in love with Cooper since she was 14 and he was 24.  Now 10 years later the age difference isn’t the issue it once was the only thing standing in her way is Cooper himself.  (This was my favorite of the first 4 quickies.  I liked Claire a lot)
All I want for Christmas (The MacKenzies) - All I want for Christmas has two stories the first Naughty or Nice tells of a high powered couple meeting when stranded by a blizzard.  The second A MacKenzie Christmas tells of Grant who is the only MacKenzie who hasn’t left Surrender.  He runs a successful construction company and wants to settle down like his cousins.  The problem is that Surrender is a small town and the only woman he wants is his baby sisters best friend.  A Christmas wish made on both sides ends up with a happy ending.
 Cade (The MacKenzies) - Cade is a full size novel and I am glad as Cade deserved much more than a quickie.  Cade was working undercover for the DEA when he met and lost (in a horrific manner) the only woman he ever loved.  Since getting his right hand shot during a bust (in Cooper) he has had to retrain himself to use his left hand.  He sets himself up as bait to draw out the folks that killed his lover.  He moves to Texas and goes to work for the local vice squad while still working/consulting for the DEA.  What he doesn’t expect is the attraction he feels for his new neighbor.  Will he get another chance at love or will he lose her to the cartel too? 

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