Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hell on Wheels (Black Knights Inc. #1) by Julie Ann Walker

What’s not to love about damaged alpha heroes, smart sexy kindergarten teachers, action and mystery?  Hell on Wheels has all that and more.  “Bad boy” Nate was Ali’s brothers best friend and her first major crush.  The “Bro code” says you can’t do your buds sister so it goes un-requited for years.  Ali’s brother is dead and now someone is after Ali.  She turns to Nate and the “Black Knights” for help.
The first book in a series is always about world building so I give some leeway there.  The only real malfunction I had was sometimes it took a minute to figure out who’s point of view we were looking through now.  Romantic suspense with not a whole lot of sex.  I liked it enough to look forward to the next installment.  I think this series has legs it just needs to tighten up a bit.  

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