Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Shots: Books 1-3 by Christine d'Abo

Carina Press is releasing the first 3 Long Shots books: Double Shot, A Shot in the Dark, and Pulled Long in one edition.

Three siblings Sadie, Paige, and Ian Long own and run the Pulled Long coffee and café together.
Double Shot (ménage) is Sadie’s book.  Sadie has been lusting after her friend Paul for ten years but didn’t want to ruin their friendship.  Paul gets Sadie a job catering a party at Maverick a local sex club where your fantasies can come true.  While working together Paul encourages Sadie to explore her fantasies and he offers to help her make them come true.  When Sadie meets Josh the owner of Mavericks she knows just what fantasy she wants.  She wants to be the middle of a Paul and Josh sandwich. 
Sadie is sweet and shy and amazingly strong.  I love the confusion she feels when Paul turns the tables on her and reveals his attraction to her.  I enjoyed the ménage with the guys not really worrying about who was touching whom. 
A Shot in the Dark (D/s) is Paige’s story.  When Paige was younger she was involved with an abusive relationship.  As an untrained sub she didn’t know the rules and it almost killed her.  She pulled herself out and has avoided dating and relationships since.  Three years later she meets Carter one HOT fireman who just also happens to be a Dom.  He convinces Paige to go to Mavericks with him for a drink.  Paige is the one who pushes for more but is she ready for it?  I really liked Carter. 
Pulled Long (mm) is Ian’s story.  Ian is gay.  Ian has had a long string of bad luck and prefers to bury himself in the shop the one place he seems to succeed.  Then the man with the blue eyes comes into the shop.  He flirts with Ian and just when Ian is ready to ask him out he finds out that Mr. Blue Eyes is going through a divorce.  Once again bad luck for Ian.  He doesn’t want another man who is conflicted about his sexual orientation.  Been there, done that, it sucks.  One night Jeff aka Mr. Blue Eyes comes by the shop after hours and tells Ian the divorce is final and Ian gives into lust.  He is kicking himself for giving in when he finds that Jeff has left his briefcase behind.  When Ian returns it Jeff convinces Ian to go out with him.  Can this work for Ian or will this chance for his happiness go the way of all his other relationships?  I really liked this story.  The sex was hot and Ian is so sweet.  I love the fact that Ian was more conflicted than Jeff.  Jeff knew what he wanted and forced Ian to decide whether to give happiness a chance or not.

I really, really enjoyed these stories and cannot wait for Josh’s story Calling The Shots.

My thanks to who provided me with this book in behalf of Carina Press.

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