Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (The Dragon Kin #6) by G.A. Aiken

I adore this series.  They put the fun in dysfunctional family and How to Drive a Dragon Crazy is no different in that regard.  What is different is that this is NOT a stand-alone.  This is Izzy and Eibhear’s story (finally) and it pulls strings from all the previous books.  I’d imagine that someone picking this up without having read the previous books would get lost or really confused when reading this installment.

When Izzy’s mom married Eibhear’s older brother Izzy became smitten with sweet, funny, big blue Eibhear.  Problem was she was just a teen.  Mistakes were made by both parties and they’ve not seen each other for 10 years.  Izzy is now a hard as nails General in the Queens army and Eibhear is a squad leader for a black ops strike force of crazies.  Now Eibhear has orders to escort Izzy home. They’ve grown older and wiser can they forgive each other and give their attraction a chance to grow into something more?  They may get the chance if they can keep from getting killed or captured or killing each other.

Because this book pulls so many strings from previous books it is both funnier and more serious than its predecessors.  I am thrilled to find that this series has been picked up for three more books at least.  I am curious as to the direction from here.  I can hardly wait.

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