Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews

This takes place in the world of Kate & Curran and they make several appearances but it is basically Andrea’s book.  We find out what she was doing when she disappeared after being outed as a shifter to the Order.  Andrea is back and working for Kate at Cutting Edge when a call from Jim sends her on a case.   Four shifters have been killed while working on a reclamation site owned by none other than Raphael.  She is going to have to face him and the heartbreak she has dealt with since their blow up in Magic Slays. This book has the hyper bouncing feel to it that is totally bouda.  We see Andrea come into her own and may I say it is about freekin time.  This book refers to some events that happened in the past and the authors have included the novella Magic Gifts that contains the earlier story.
Another Rockin’ Read from team Ilona Andrews

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