Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bridget's Witch's Diary by Heather Long

How much mischief can a witch with misfiring magical mojo get into? 

Life in Assjacket seems to have achieved an odd normalif living with a former skunk turned into her professor lover and raising a hot-tempered teenager with out of control magic can be called normal. Bridget wants to embrace her new life exceptdéjà vu is driving her crazy.

Not to mention she still has to satisfy a deal with the vampires, please the Baba Yaga, get Rika’s wild magic under control, oh and—just in case there wasn’t enough on her plate, she has to learn to compromise with Martin, lest he skunk out on her again.

Impulse control has never been Bridget’s best quality. After Rika summons a highlander from the pages of her novel and declares her intentions to keep him, Bridget is pushed to the end of her tether. Then there’s that déjà vu. Maybe it’s just the repetitive nature of small town life.

Of course, when a witch shows up to take her highlander back, it will take Bridget’s odd little family working together to save Angus.

My review:
Bridget's Witch's Diary is the hilarious follow up to The Witch Singer. Bridget has been left to train a teenage student with the attitude of a 40 year old woman. Good thing her honey isn’t a skunk anymore because he is the only one with any teaching skills and the reason that Bridget and Rika haven’t killed each other yet. But when trouble comes they all pull together and somehow things work out. For Rika anyway. Bridget still has work to do. Having survived raising two teens I got a total kick out of this story. Laughter and love abound.

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