Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Playing Her Body by Julie Morgan

When shy meets wild, keys will be played.

Attending a bachelor party, Jordan wasn’t looking for anything that night, other than keeping his best friend, Blaine, safe from the paparazzi. Everything had been moving along well until she walked in.

Natalie knew of the band, Deep Ember, but never thought she’d find herself sharing her bed with the keyboard player, Jordan.

Blaine’s wedding was coming. Jordan was ready as best man…at least until he saw who was the bride’s maid.

My review:
This standalone short features characters we’ve met in the Southern Roots series but can be read solo with no issues. Though Jordan is the keyboard player for the band Deep Ember he is really very shy and has no problems with the others taking the spotlight. Unfortunately that doesn’t help him when he sees a gorgeous redhead across the bar while attending Blaine’s bachelor party. Encouraged by a few drinks and Blaine egging him on Jordan goes up to meet her and is instantly entranced. What was meant to be a one night stand could be so much more. If only Jordan wasn’t such a guy.
Playing Her Body is a fun, sweet read. I loved Natalie. She is smart, silly and patient. I felt for Jordan. He has to put it out there every time he goes on stage; to see that big stars are just like normal guys in that they too have trouble finding the words when needed was refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and you will too.
I received a copy of this book and chose to review it

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