Saturday, March 25, 2017

Red Hot Pleasures (Pleasures of the Heart Book 2) by Lia Davis

Business lawyer, Tessa Barnes, has given up on finding Mr. Right. She’s in her mid-thirties and married to her career. Until the tall, tan, and rugged Hunter Reeves walks in and jumpstarts her biological clock, making her want more. But just when she comes to terms with dating again, her best friend—and crush—from high school, Jake Braxton, makes a surprise visit to tell her he’s moving back to Long Beach and wants to be more than just friends. Making her virtually non-existent love life now incredibly complicated.
But the men are perfect: sexy, sweet...and Tessa knows they could both capture her heart. When they reveal they want a ménage a trois, things heat up, and Tessa gives in to her desires. But could one night of passion turn into a lifetime of pleasure? Or will she be forced to make the hardest choice of her life?

My review:
Red Hot Pleasures is a fun fantasy romp. Business lawyer Tessa Barnes is torn between the hot contractor and her BFF from high school. When she finds they have been lovers before she is intrigued but when they make it plain they both want her she is reluctantly titillated. Can they make a ménage work? Who knows; but it is fun watching them find out.
This is a fast, fun and sexy escape. The characters are real and so is the enjoyment.

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