Friday, March 17, 2017

This Could Be Love (Men of Manifold) by S.A. Price

Swann Santiago, assistant to Xxieda Rolla, sister to Ravens and newly minted witch can’t understand why a man as sexy as Lance Whitehall wants to help her get her powers in check, let alone hangout with her on a regular basis. A professional at keeping walls up around herself, she knows the short end of the stick when it comes to having a normal life. Born with a lack of pigment, she is the negative of her twin, a fact that has caused her much distress, and kept the opposite sex at bay. Afraid of being a ‘kink’ or the losing end of a bet she’s kept everyone at arm’s length. At least until Lance. The vampire not only saved her life, but wants to be around her constantly. And now he wants a relationship. The past year and a half he’s spent helping her get her magic under control, burning off the excess, a chore both enjoy more than not, and she made it a point to keep their clandestine liaisons a secret from everyone they knew and loved. Tired of being her dirty little secret, Lance decides that her hang-ups and self imposed emotional sabotage needs to stop. Swann doesn’t see how anyone could care for her the way he says he does. Now, he’s on a mission to show her this could be love if she only let it.

My review:
I loved this story. That being said if you haven’t read any of S.A. Price’s paranormal rock and roll books before you can still read and enjoy this but you will need to focus on Lance and Swann.  This Could Be Love is less rock and roll and more the love story of a rock star and his bosses PA. Lance is a 300+ year old vampire who has been helping newbie witch Swann Santiago deal with her burgeoning powers. Swann is Ravens twin sister but she was born without pigment which has left her feeling less than, different, a freak. She doesn’t believe she is worthy of love. Lance intends to show her different. But despite his age, occupation and life condition he is still a guy and will need some help convincing Swann she is more than worthy to be loved. I absolutely fell for both Lance and Swann and the best part of an S. A. Price book is I know we will see them in future books. All in all a really sweet and sexy read. 

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