Friday, March 24, 2017

F*ck Club: Con (F*ck Club #2) by Shiloh Walker


Rule #2…Respect the ladies.

Conner Steele has nothing but respect for ladies. He absolutely adores them and takes more than a little bit of pride in his job—or rather, his former job.

After a run-in with a cop, former male escort Con, along with his brother Riley and best friend Shame, decided it might just be best to hang up their…hats and retire from the business of being paid to pleasure.

After all, they have a profitable business going with their new pub. No reason to ruin a good thing and Con is more than happy to keep pleasing the ladies—just…no longer as a job. Finding a date or company for the night has never been an issue for him, either. He’s been told more than once that he can charm a tiger out of its stripes. But lately a new hire at the bar is turning the tables on him—she is the one charming him, twisting him up into knots and getting him so worked up, he can barely see straight.

In his rather expert opinion, Shawntelle Callahan is nothing less than a queen.

And she’s a queen on a mission, too. Even as tangled up as he is over her, he can see that. First she tries to coax him out of retirement for one last engagement. When that doesn’t work, she sets out to drive him crazy. After finally admitting that she’s a writer who’s looking to do a story on male escorts, Con realizes it will be best to just stay away from Shawntelle. Sure, she says she’s just looking for some hands-on information but he knows there’s more to it than that. There are secrets in her eyes, barely hidden lies and doubt.

My review:
The ladies have always come easy for Conner Steele and he has enjoyed every minute of it. Till now. Conner doesn’t mess where he eats. He doesn’t make time with the women that work at the bar. It’s bad for business. But if anyone can tempt him to break the rules it would be the new hire Shawntelle Callahan. But there is more to Shawntelle than meets the eye and Con is just going to have to keep it in his pants. I love the back and forth, give and take between Con and Shawntelle building up the fire between the two. I am dying to get Charli and Max’s story. While this story doesn’t have the angst of the first book F*ck Club: Riley Con managed to do to me what he does best I was quite charmed by this ladies man.     

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