Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unrequited Mate (ROAR #10) by TL Reeve, Michele Ryan

Welcome to Trueskin University...
Hayden Raferty, left behind her entire family and all her friends to get away from her mate, Nico Lopez. In a single night, he crushed her hopes and dreams of finding true love. Now, years later, Hayden has decided to move on and start over.
Nico Lopez knows he screwed up, but letting his mate walk away isn’t in his plans. It's time to make his move. With a little help from 555-ROAR, Nico obtains a spot in the Greek Shifter Games and is determined to show his mate there isn’t another male worthy of her. If has to put his body on the line to prove it, so be it.

My review:
I love the whole shifter university idea and have enjoyed each book in this loosely connected world that I’ve read to date. This is no exception. The writers had to struggle to get Nico in place where he could win back Hayden but once there it was fun watching him grovel a bit. When fate declares a mate for you fate will find a way. But nobody said it had to be easy. Unrequited Mate is a quick second chance romance that will transport you back to school and all the insecurities of finding love.

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