Sunday, February 5, 2017

Arcane Kiss (Talents #1) by Angela Knight

When his father is murdered, a military veteran becomes a target for terrorist sorcerers. Kurt Briggs has a spirit link to a tiger Familiar that gives him superhuman abilities, but he's no match for the witch and her shape-shifting polar bear. He turns to Arcanist witch Genevieve Reyes for help in fighting the killers' spells. 

As Genevieve and Kurt hunt the terrorists, shared danger leads to shared desire. But they soon realize Kurt's passion for Gen weakens his control over his cat. The consequences could be deadly for them both. Adding to the risk is Kurt's memory of the way his mother turned her magic against him. Will Gen, too, betray him?

Genevieve is attracted to Kurt's animal sensuality, but she knows she may be in as much danger from his tiger as the terrorists. 

Then they learn the terrorists plan to sacrifice Kurt to power a horrific spell designed to decimate the U.S. government. Even if the couple manages to stop them, the killers' plot may trigger a witch hunt that could mean the destruction of everyone with magical Talent - including Kurt and Genevieve.

My review:
WOW! Angela Knight gives us a different type of PNR. Ferals are gifted humans with an animal Familiar whose souls are bonded. Arcanists are witches of a sort. Kurt Briggs has a spirit link to a tiger Familiar. Genevieve Reyes is a strong Arcanist with gift for healing. These two with some friends including a goofy bonded tiger named Dave take on a terrorist Arcanist and her shape-shifting polar bear. There is action, adventure, laughter, love and grief in equal measure. This is an incredible story and I look forward to many more adventures in this world. Besides Dave needs a mate.

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