Friday, February 17, 2017

Lucien: Dragofin Mated: Book 2 (Dragonfin Mated #2) by Mychal Daniels


He thought his biggest challenge would be guarding the portal to this world and galaxy... until he met her.
Feisty and determined, Quinn Bradford is no man's pushover. After an unfortunate turn of events, she finds herself looking for new clients to save her business. When the sweet opportunity to persuade the owner of a jewel in the rough venue falls into her lap, Quinn's tenacity and never take no for an answer attitude is tested to its limits.
Enter one Lucien Drake, first-born dragon son, and leader of the Dragofin Clan. As the lead warrior guardian of this realm, he's intense, broody and rubs Quinn the wrong way. What might have been an answer to her prayers has turned into a test of her newly learned lesson to never again fall for the hot guy, especially when he's the most mysterious and sexy man she's ever encountered.
Can Quinn and Lucien find common ground for a peaceful truce when their worlds are destined to collide through a magnetic fiery attraction?

My review:
Fantastic! This paranormal romantic suspense had me laughing, crying, scratching my head and laughing some more. Lucien Drake is big buff and tough and a dragon shifter. He is the leader of the Dragofin Clan guardians of the portal to other realms and protectors of their section of the earth. His responsibilities make him something of a grumpy Gus. Quinn Bradford is smart and feisty. She has also been recently taken for all she has by the guy who claimed to love her. She is not ready for the impact Lucien has on her senses. These two start out oil and water and end up smoking hot. I love how the author sprinkles humor in with the heat and tribulations. I loved this book and can’t wait for the next in the series.

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