Friday, February 3, 2017

Miss Behaved (Raging Falls 3) by Milly Taiden

Toni Lys is not looking for a relationship. She just climbed out of a dark hole her ex-beau left her in, and she doesn't want to dig into another. But when she sees sexy Garrett in need of saving, her kindness overrules to give the poor guy a hand. He's exactly what she doesn't need, but her heart has other ideas. Garrett has finally found his mate. She's feisty. She's strong, and she's got curves for days. Now she just has to agree to be his. Easier said than done. Along with all Toni's wonderful personality traits comes hardheaded and stubborn. Sweet words won't sway her. Hopefully, keeping her out of danger will. When bad guys get too close to his girl, Garrett won't let anything happen to his mate. She might not agree to being his, yet, but she will agree to being safe. She can argue and fight her feelings, but her heart has a mind of its own.

My review:
Toni is sweet, sassy and stubborn. She loves herself but her recent breakup has done a number on her ability to think anyone would want her especially not the gorgeous man whore she meets at her BFF’s wedding.  Garrett is an unapologetic man whore until he meets curvy Toni. She entrances both him and his inner cat. He has never had to work to get a girl but Toni is giving him a run for his future. I really got a kick out of this story. I love it when the hunk has to work for it and Toni is my kind of gal.

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