Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Date With Death (1Night Stand #130) by Louisa Bacio

Death sucks. It’s boring, and there’s no chance of getting laid. Stuck in the waiting room of Heaven, Maise fantasizes about all the pleasures of the flesh she didn’t get to experience. When she discovers a business card for the dating service, 1Night Stand, she wonders if there’s still a chance.
Reece normally wouldn’t consider being set up, but after his brother buys him a certificate, he feels obligated. A romantic night on the Southern California coast, with the full-of-life Maise leaves him wanting more.
Will a 1Night Stand be enough to overcome death?

My review:
These books are bite sized sexy escapes for me. Leave it to Louisa Bacio to make it so much more than that. I figure we are all going to die wishing I had/hadn’t done that. Such is the case with young Maise a 24 year old virgin. Yep she doesn’t want to die a virgin. This is where the incomparable Madame Eve is called in to help a girl out.
What follows is a story of life, forgiveness, sweet sweaty sex, love and second chances. This book reminds us we have but a short time on this ball we need to do right and make the most of our time.

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