Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Check Mate (Sassy Ever After Kindle World Novella) by Sheri Lyn

Tucker "Rook" Jameson is having an interesting week. First, he finds a body, then he finds his mate... the new Sheriff. Someone has decided to make the pack of Blue Creek pay, but for what is the question.
Sheriff West Graelin moved to Blue Creek for a change of pace. Instead in his first week, he meets a naked man over a dead body who tempts him beyond his ability to think straight. Now the bodies are piling up and their killer is taunting them.
It's time to team up in more than one way. Love, lust, laughter, friendship and murder...It’s just another day in this small town.

My review:
What I love most about stories from Sheri Lyn is they always make me smile. No matter what kind of mayhem is happening around her characters she manages to inject some humor and light. This story is no exception. In Check Mate wolf shifter Tucker "Rook" Jameson, meets his mate, the new sheriff, West Graelin over a dead body. After that inauspicious beginning we see them court while trying to solve several confusing murders.  A wonderful supporting cast of quirky characters makes the story that much better. This sweet story is a terrific addition to the  Sassy Ever After Kindle World.

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