Sunday, November 15, 2015

Night's Templar (Vampire Queen #13) by Joey W. Hill

Lord Uthe, a member of the Vampire Council, was a Templar Knight centuries ago. Even up to the present day, he has attempted to honor the spirit of the Rule, despite the volatile and highly sexual nature of the vampire world. Yet now he’s caught the attention of the Fae Lord Keldwyn, liaison between the Council and Fae Court. Keldwyn challenges Uthe’s emotional isolation and dominant nature. When a quest from Uthe’s past requires Keldwyn’s help to protect both their worlds, Uthe will have to decide whether the Fae male is a gift from God to be cherished and trusted, or a curse that will make Uthe fail the Order he promised to serve all his life.

My review:
Epic fantasy from a master! The nature of submission is a theme that runs through each of Joey W. Hill’s books. In Night's Templar Lord Uthe has submitted to Gods will and the Rule of the Templar Knights. Becoming a Templar Knight saved his sanity and gave him a way to serve while still being a dominant male vampire. While a Knight Uthe was given a duty/quest that he as a vampire was uniquely fitted for. It has been centuries and his mind is failing but it is now time to finish his quest. To aid him in his quest is the most arrogant, sexy and powerful male he can remember meeting, Fae Lord Keldwyn. Kel trips all his buttons making Uthe’s beleaguered mind wonder all the more about the nature of dark and light. Can he trust Kel? Can he trust himself?
Night's Templar is a wonderful trip into the world of Lord Uthe. Lord Uthe has been an important secondary character in this series. He has been one of the more reasonable voices on the Vampire Council. A steady companion and advisor to the Queen he stood for Daegan Rei and sired Evan and now we get to peek further into the mind and man behind the deeds. We also get to meet the Fae Lord Keldwyn. Kel is a total dominant and he wants Uthe. When Uthe’s quest requires him to enter the Fae lands Kel uses it to force Uthe to submit to both their desires and labels it payment so Uthe can lie to himself. When feelings go beyond payment and the going gets tough can Uthe truly submit to both Gods and Kel’s will? If m/m or playing with the Knights Templar disturbs you don’t read this book. If you want to read a finely crafted multi layered tale that will leave you wanting to immediately return to this fantastic world this is for you. This book can be read standalone but you will get more out of it if you’ve read the series. This is a book I will reread again and again.

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