Monday, November 9, 2015

Ex-Con: Bad Boy Romance by M.S. Parker and Shiloh Walker

I was an ex-con. A convicted killer. And I knew that’s all anyone would ever see me as. At least I thought so…until I met her…

Ex-Con: Bad Boy Romance
When recent parolee Bobby Cantrell loses yet another job, he resigns himself to the usual struggle of finding a place willing to take a chance on someone with his past. Then, without warning, a gorgeous blonde careens into his life and everything changes.

Carly Prince. Gorgeous. Untouchable. Everything Bobby could ever want and knows he can Ex Con never have.

Except, maybe, he’s finally found someone who sees something good inside him, something even he can’t see.

What he can’t do, however, is escape from his past. A past that now threatens to destroy the new life he’s building for himself…and threatens people he’s come to care about. Can he save them, or will he have more blood on his hands?

My review:
Bobby Cantrell is a murderer. Yes, there were extenuating circumstances but it doesn’t change the fact he took a life and has done time in prison because of it. Now as a parole he is having a tough time keeping a job. Circumstance places him in the right place and time to save Carly Prince from being hit by a car. Carly is a wealthy celebutante who is in need of another bodyguard and who believes in giving second chances. Can Bobby make a new start and put his past behind him? Falling in love with your boss probably isn’t the best thing to do. And like a bad penny his past will follow.
This was a fun read. The writing was a little choppy but the story made it worth reading in spite. The secondary characters were brilliant. Totally worth the read.

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