Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lucas: October (Mystic Zodiac, #10) by Brandy Walker

Lucas Strigoi has lived a long, long life; over five-hundred years actually. In that time, he’s loved and lost. Gained money and experience. Found places he’s considered home and, at times, watched them burn down to the ground. Basically, he’s lived many lives and has many more to go. He’s hit the age when settling down should be his primary focus, but he’d thought he’d already found the One sixteen years ago. He was wrong, and he has no plans to repeat that mistake. He’ll stick to running his tattoo shop and living through his employees.

Reagan Aliat is an Ally. The literal translation of her last name. Her family has been connected to the Strigoi Vampire family for too many centuries to count. At one point, her older sister was romantically involved with one of them and everyone, including Lucas, thought they were destined to be Bondmates. Her sister had other plans, though, and broke his heart after six years of togetherness. Lucas disappeared from their lives and took with him Reagan’s undying love. Yes, she fell for her sister’s boyfriend. Who wouldn’t, he was the epitome of the perfect man? Now, Reagan’s family is thrusting themselves into Lucas’s life, whether he likes it or not, by sending her to retrieve him. All because her sister is getting married and the mark of the Ally, a designator all allies wear, needs to be removed. According to her family, he’s the only one that can do it.

Seeing each other again after ten years, Reagan and Lucas must travel across the United States to get back to her family. Reagan knows she needs to fight the love and attraction she’d always felt for the vampire, resolute in the belief that Lucas will never be hers. Lucas, on the other hand, is realizing his mistake so many years ago was worse than he’d thought, and the woman he should have been with is his ex’s little sister.

My review:
For six years vampire Lucas Strigoi dated the wrong woman. He was convinced she was his bond mate. Then she broke it off. Now ten years later she is marrying a man who proposed after 1 date and she needs him to remove the mark that claims her as an ally to the Strigoi Vampire family. She sends her little sister to collect him. What a shock it is to him to discover that Reagan Aliat is the woman he should have been courting. True she was only 16 then but it explains a whole lot. Now he needs to convince her that he now knows she is The One. Reagan has been in love with Lucas since she was a kid but he only had eyes for her spoiled older sister Taryn. She truly believes that once Lucas sees Taryn again he won’t want the baby sister. He is going to have to work hard to convince her and Taryn won’t be an asset.
I loved Reagan for her intelligence, fortitude and her zest for life I abhorred Taryn for too many reasons to list here and I absolutely adored this story. I found myself cheering and yelling and ended up doing a total happy dance. This story will suck you in and keep you reading till the very end.

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