Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jack (The Bloody Bucket Book 2) by Tilly Greene

Rina Toborov shares a hot night in the front seat of a truck with the school stud. The downside soon arrived when she was relegated to one-night stand status. Not at all happy with the outcome, she moved on until seven years later she returned to Cowler. Suddenly she’s faced with temptation he presents all over again and doesn’t know what to do. 
Jack Murphy knows he’d made a mistake years ago when he pushed aside the cute busty brunette with sexy hazel eyes. Now she’s back in town and his need for her is back with a vengeance. There are some hills to climb, people to fight, but she’s worth whatever must be done. This time he’s not only trying to get in her pants. The ultimate goal is to make her his girlfriend, maybe more. 

Time makes everything better, right? 

Note from the Author: Jack, a contemporary erotic western, is 24k words, is the 2nd book in The Bloody Bucket series, and this is it’s 2nd release … it’s 1st was in the Men of Calder County book set. 

My review:
It’s been 150 years since Horse won The Bloody Bucket in a poker game and it is still in the Murphy family being run by Jack and his brothers. Jack came back to Cowler after losing his professional baseball career to an injury. He is thrilled when Rina Toborov strolls into the Bloody Bucket. It has been too long since the one night stand and pregnancy scare that broke her heart. While Jack was playing ball Rina left and found work in the city but now she is home. Her dad has had a stroke and the diner her folks run is in trouble. Running into Jack puts Rina’s heart in trouble. Can they get it right this time? Should she even give him a chance? 
Jack is a fun and sexy second chance romance. If you like your heroes a little rough around the edges and your heroines spunky you will love this story. I did.
This book is the second in a series but can be read standalone.

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