Sunday, November 8, 2015

Long Road Home (Black Hills Wolves #30) by Chandra Ryan

Thom is suspicious, flirty, and—worst of all—human. He believes the whole town of Los Lobos is one large cult. And if that isn’t bad enough, somebody seems determined to kill him. The man might as well have a huge, Do Not Touch sign painted on his back.

None of that stops Hank from wanting the farmer the moment they meet. Just because he wants something, however, doesn’t mean he’s going to get it. He learned that lesson early on in life. Thanks to his sexual orientation, he’ll never find the one thing every Wolf craves: a pack. Best for him to do his job and get back on the road.

But time spent with a human can do funny things to a Wolf. Especially a human as addictive as Thom.

My review:
Long Road Home is a sweet m/m coming home story. Hank was one of Magnum’s victims. Kick out because of his sexuality. Hank has been a lone wolf trucker. Drew has invited him back into the pack but understandably Hank has trust issues. They agree that Hank will haul for them while he gets to know Drew and the pack again. Thom is the human farmer that Hank has to pick up goods from. He never expected to find a mate let alone a human one. Watching these two find each other and deal with their trust issues makes for a sweet if angsty story.
I read a lot of ARC’s for review. This was not one of them. When reading an ARC I expect to find some editorial misses. This book was a finished product that I purchased so I was disappointed in the sheer number of editorial flubs in this book. Missing pronouns, choppy sentences and in one instance I had to re-read a paragraph several times to figure out who was speaking and that the character wasn’t talking to himself. I really hated that it interrupted my enjoyment of this story. I love this series and have enjoyed the authors past contribution to this series and Romancing Austin. Still this is a good story and I recommend it.

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