Thursday, November 26, 2015

Driven Snow (The Pennymaker Tales #2) by Tara Lain

Young Snowden “Snow” Reynaldi is brilliant, beautiful, and alone. Though he’s shy, weird, and tolerated by the NorCal University students because he’s a renowned whiz at chess and helps put the school on the map, that doesn’t keep him from dreaming of the object of his desires: Riley Prince, championship quarterback.

When Riley needs a physics tutor, Snow jumps at the chance, and their relationship heats up—but Riley has to come out of the jock closet to get anywhere. Meanwhile, Snow’s one true friend and mentor, Professor Kingsley, marries a woman who secretly wants the chess tournament glory and money for herself. Soon after, the professor collapses and Snow finds himself underwater—literally. In a car!

Seven frat brothers from Grimm College rescue Snow just in time for his life to get even worse, and Snow discovers the one relationship he always wanted slipping away. With evil looming at every turn, Snow must survive if only to prove he’s the fairest of them all and regain the trust of his handsome prince.

My review:
Driven Snow is a fun m/m take on an old fairytale. You have Snow an introverted chess grandmaster and physics major. You have Riley Prince quarterback and closeted gay man who Snow has crushed on and who has crushed on Snow but neither let on till senior year when Prince needed a physics tutor. Not one but 2 fairy grandparents and seven frat brothers from Grimm College. Oh and lets not forget the evil queen in the guise of a professor and her minion.
Tara Lane takes us on a romp through college and a major chess tournament. She takes us through Snow and Riley’s courtship with humor and gentleness. She fills this story with wonderful characters and you won’t want to let them go. Like any good fairytale this book is filled with lessons gently illustrated and you can’t help but take them to heart.  A fantastic read I highly recommend.
A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review

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