Thursday, May 2, 2013

Willing Sacrifice (Knights of the Board Room #6) by Joey W. Hill

Janet Albright, executive secretary for Matt Kensington CEO of K&A has a lot of other names… Ice Queen, Dragon Lady and Mistress.  She is a strong woman and she deals with strong men every day.  In the bedroom she likes her men submissive so she can’t figure out just what her attraction to Max Ackerman.  Max, a former SEAL, is attractive but he isn't a sub by any stretch of the imagination.  Still there is chemistry there.  When they decide to explore they find they have more in common than they knew.   Maybe it will be enough.  They connect on so many levels a little give and take on both sides lead them to a possibility of a future together until ghosts from their pasts interfere.  Can their new found feelings overcome the scars of the past?
Joey W. Hill does it again!  The Knights of the Board Room series explored varied versions/levels of BDSM relationships.  In this installment she explores whether a Mistress can be happy in a relationship with someone who isn't a sub.  She handles it with sensitivity and compassion.  There is a lot going on in this book and I will read and re-read to get every drop out of it.  I am a huge fan of Joey W. Hill so I don’t know how objective I can be so I urge you to read for yourself.   

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