Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taken by a Vampire (Vampire Queen #9) by Joey W. Hill

From the moment she was born Alanna was to become an Inherited Servant.  An honorable destiny and one she excelled at.  Until the day she betrayed her vow by turning her Master, made vampire Councilman Stephen, into the Council as a traitor (Vampire Trinity - Vampire Queen, #6).  Now the council wants to use her to find her Master and hope they can do it before he destroys her mind body and soul.  To that end they send her on the road with made vampire Evan and his servant Niall.  Being a servant to Evan is total culture shock to Alanna.  She was trained to serve the highest of the high and to make their will her own.  Evan and Niall encourage her to think outside her Masters wishes to think of herself and her wishes.  A totally foreign concept to her.  Alanna knows that when the capture Stephen they will kill him and as his third marked servant she will die with him.  But as she gets to know Evan and Niall she is determined to make the most of her time left and she learns that sometimes servitude can be more than duty.  Now that she is going to die she is just starting to live.
Once again Joey W. Hill takes us into the world of the Vampire Queen.  This story puts you through the ringer.  You run the gamut of emotions from despair to ecstasy and all points in between and ask for more.  I can’t get enough.  

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