Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Part Of Marine Don’t You Understand (Always A Marine #12) by Heather Long

We met Matt McCall in Tell It To The Marine (Always A Marine #3).  Matt had been having a hard time dealing with his medical discharge from the Corps and was at Mike’s place getting physical and psychological therapy.  This story takes place about two years after his discharge.  He is back at Mikes place after a couple of attempts to reintegrate with his family back.  Mike is fighting depression and has finally gotten a diagnosis of PTSD.  He has been given a dog who seems to get when he is down.
Naomi Sparks is an aspiring country singer/songwriter. She comes from a family of Marines.  Her dad and four brothers are Marines or former Marines.  After touring Mikes Place she asks to stay on so she can learn more about the work they do and for inspiration.  She meets Matt while playing guitar in the park.  She realizes he has problems but admires him for his courage in dealing with them.  He inspires her with his strength and honesty.  Can she heal him with her love?
What Part Of Marine Don’t You Understand is a part of a sub series of Always A Marine, the Challenge Series.  These are books that deal with the more difficult aspects of being a member of our Armed Forces.  Not all our military men and women come home whole in body or spirit.  They have extra challenges to overcome and they deserve love and happiness as much as if not more than anybody else.  I find myself particularly drawn to these stories (although I have yet to find an Always A Marine tale that I haven’t enjoyed).  They strike a chord in me and Ms. Long tells the story with love and respect, humor, sensitivity and a healthy dose of romance so what is not to enjoy?  I became invested in Matt in Tell It To The Marine and we saws an occasional peek of him in some of the other books so I was happy that we got to see his progress and chance at happiness.

I received a copy of this story in return for a fair and honest review.  This book will be released on May 24th.  Go buy this book.  I dare you to read it and not be moved.

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