Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bedding the Wrong Brother (Dalton Brothers #1) by Virna DePaul

Contemporary romance.  Melina Parker has issues.  Her last boyfriend (not that she has had all that many) informed her that she was lousy in bed.  Intellectually she knows better but still… She asks childhood friend and magician Max (twin brother of her lifelong crush Rhys) to give her a crash course in becoming a better lover.  Max who knows that Melina and Rhys have been crushing on each other for years but not acting on it sets them up by telling Melina he’ll help her out and then sending Rhys in to do the job. But will Melina forgive Max for setting them up and what will Rhys think of her knowing she was going to sleep with his brother.  Maybe they can make magic together.
The more I read of  Virna DePaul the more I enjoy it.  This contemporary took twists and turns and kept me turning the page.  I look forward to reading Max’s story.

ARC courtesy of Season Publishing and NetGalley

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