Friday, October 26, 2012

Suddenly Sexy, Sinfully Sexy, & Simply Sexy by Linda Francis Lee

The women of KTEX Julia Boudreaux station owner and her two best friends Kate Bloom, Anchorwoman and Chloe Sinclair, station manager.  El Paso Texas will never be the same.

Suddenly Sexy (Sexy #1) – Kate Bloom has had a crush on Jesse Chapman bad-boy golfer since she was 3.  Now he is back in town and living in her guest cottage.  Jesse has issues and just came back to town to get his golf game straight.  He doesn't need the distraction of sweet Katie Bloom.  But could she be the answer to his issues?

Sinfully Sexy (Sexy #2) – Chloe Sinclair has been told repeatedly that she is lucky to be plain and smart and she believes it to be true but she would love just once to be seen as sexy when she has to attend a benefit dinner in Julia’s stead she gets dressed to the nines and doesn't look or act like herself when she literally runs into a hunky stranger.  Sterling Prescott is everything Chloe despises or is he?

Simply Sexy (Sexy #3) – Can bad-girl Julia Boudreaux turn her life around and start over?  Why oh why is she drawn to those bad boys and how is she to be good when the baddest bad boy of them all Ben Prescott is staying in her guestroom?

Going in I thought this was just going to be a light fluffy romantic escape.  Which isn't a bad thing.  But while these are fun, sexy, romantic reads there is an underlying theme that deals with our self-image and how it is molded by our parents and out past.  This phenomenon is not just restricted to women.  I enjoyed these books. 

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