Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not Just the Greek's Wife by Lucy Monroe

A sweet tale of second chances.  Greek Tycoon Ariston Spiridakou married Chloe 5 years ago in an arranged marriage to provide an heir.  Chloe falls in love with Ariston but comes to realize he doesn’t believe in love.  Through a series of misunderstandings she walks out after 3 years and he still has no heir.  Now its 2 years later and Chloe’s family once again needs Ariston’s help to save the company and Chloe is asked to intercede on their behalf.  Seeing Ariston again is harder and easier than she thought it would be.  Ariston agrees to help on the condition that Chloe fulfill her part of the original deal and provide him with a child.

I really didn’t want to like Ariston.  But as he wins over Chloe so too did he win me over.  

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