Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dark Storm (Dark #23) by Christine Feehan

You either love or hate this series.  I find I am enthralled by most everything this extraordinary author pumps out.  Dark Storm is no different.  It is despite its title not as dark as some of Ms. Feehan's more recent works.

Dax has been hunting Mitro for centuries.  As a hunter it was Dax’s job to kill Mitro the moment he turned.  When Mitro found his lifemate , Arabejila, Dax thought the danger of Mitro turning was mitigated.  But Mitro turned even on Arabejila who then sealed both Mitro and unfortunately Dax into a volcano in the Amazon to keep his violence and evil from the world.  Now these many years later both Mitro and Dax have evolved and Arabejila's seal is weakening unless her descendant Riley Parker can get there in time to restore it.

You know it is a good book if you wish to follow the couple into the next book.  I’d love to know what happens to Dax & Riley.  I hope we get to see more of Jubal & Gary too. 

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