Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going Deep (Mustangs Baseball #2) by Roz Lee

Wonder what happened to Jason, Jeff’s twin brother from Inside Heat (Mustangs Baseball #1)?  This is his story.  After Jeff gets together with Megan and Jason’s girlfriend breaks up with him Jason goes into a slump. He feels as if his life is out of control.  He is in a batting slump and he has no clue as to what to do.  A team mate listens to his tale of woe and takes him to The Dungeon a local BDSM club where Jason finds that there are other “control freaks” out there and he isn’t the “perve” his ex accused him of being or if he was he wasn’t alone.  His buddy introduces him to Carrie.  Keeping Carrie blindfolded and in the dark as to his identity suits Major League catcher Jason just fine while he figures out if being a Dom really is his thing. With the media circling like vultures as he works to get his career back on track, the last thing he needs is a sex scandal if things don’t work out.  But keeping Carrie blindfolded doesn’t mean she is the only one in the dark.  Can Jason get his career back and the girl?
Another terrific, sexy tale from Roz Lee.  I fell a little in love with Jason in Inside Heat and felt sorry for him as Jeff and Morgan moved on with their relationship.  This story could have gone total fluff but didn’t.  I enjoyed the Holder boys stories and hope that maybe we will meet some of the other Mustangs in the future.   

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