Friday, June 1, 2012

Wicked Desires (Wicked Affairs, Book One) Eliza Lloyd

Regency England.  Michael Dunnaway 41 and his wife Clarissa 35 have a happy marriage based on love and respect.  Or do they?  Michael sees how men look at his wife still beautiful after giving birth to 3 children.  When he spies Clarissa receiving a kiss he immediately assumes she is being unfaithful and his self-esteem is threatened. He can no longer function with her sexually.  He relieves his sexual tension at the local whorehouse by watching others perform for him while he masturbates.  After a year of no intimacy Clarissa finally confronts Michael who refuses to tell her what is wrong.  Clarissa follows him to the whorehouse and the Madam allows her to see what he has been doing and arranges for Clarissa to perform for Michael.  Funny he has no problem getting it up when he thinks she is a whore.  Inevitably she gets caught.
This was a freebie from Amazon.  I couldn’t get over what an ass Michael was.  He feels guilt but keeps doing it anyway.  Why the hell didn’t he just talk to his wife?  The sex scenes were different and would have been more enjoyable if I could just get past the fact that Michael was such an idiot.  Don’t these people ever talk?  This was a quick read and most of the reviews I’ve read didn’t have the issue with Michael that I did.  Give it a shot you can’t beat the price.   

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