Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Timeless Bride has a new title - Timeless Desire.

Back in May I reviewed A Timeless Bride by Gwyn Cready.  The title has since changed to Timeless Desire and will be released on July 18th.

A Timeless Bride by Gwyn Cready
A time-travel romance.  If you combine the best of contemporary and historical romance you get a Gwen Cready book. 
The local Carnegie library is having funding issues (and really who today isn’t).  In an attempt to find something she can sell to help; librarian Panna Kennedy finds a doorway to 1706 on the Scots English border where she gets involved with the handsome Captain Bridgewater. 
If you like dashing men in uniform (even if they are red) and a romp through history with a spunky librarian trying to save the day you will adore this book. 
An aside here: I loved the scene where Panna is trying to explain that sex has changed over the last 300 years.  Well played Capt. Bridgewater.  

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