Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock of Ages (the movie)

I went to see the movie Rock of Ages yesterday with another fifty something woman and three thirty something women.  Most enjoyed it but the other fifty something was disappointed.  I think she had it in her head that it was going to be a concert type movie.  It isn’t.  What it is is an homage to the 80’s music scene.  I must admit it was the music that got me into the theater as I am not really a big fan of Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin or Russell Brand.  I was blown away by Cruise as the dissipated Stacee Jaxx. Baldwin and Brand rocked their roles as well.  Diego Boneta is adorable and incredibly talented.  I enjoyed the take offs on 80’s hair, clothes and music videos.  The music mash ups were fun.  Cheese abounds. Check your brain at the door and enjoy. 

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